Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alpha Delta Pi

Delta Upsilon/University of Tennessee-Martin
Sunkissed and Southern
Hoboken, NJ

Epsilon Omicron/Murray State University
Life, Chaos, and Quotes
Cincinnati, OH
I blog about my life, quotes, and my business.

Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma State University
Sami's Shenanigans
Denver, CO
Lifestyle blog about being single and living in Denver after college. Lots of Beauty and Fashion posts :)

Alpha Gamma/University of Missouri
Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
Location varies
Semi-Charmed Kind of Life is a post-grad lifestyle blog focused on travel and books. I will also be traveling as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi during the 2012-2013 school year, so many of my posts during that period will focus on my chapter visits and Greek Life. I can't wait to meet my fellow Panhellenic bloggers!

Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma State University
Ms. Madison Claire
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Alpha Theta/University of Washington
The Accessory
Seattle, WA
Lifestyle blog (feat. fashion, music and restaurant reviews)

Beta Eta/University of Michigan
The Roaring Twenties
A post-grad lifestyle blog dedicated to navigating the "roaring" twenties, the most chaotic decade of life.
Blair's Headband
Alpha Pi/George Washington University

Alpha Pi/George Washington University
Leggings are NOT Pants

Alpha Theta/University of Washington
Kizzling Around
"Kizzling Around" is a travel/expat/lifestyle blog that depicts my journeys, both literal and metaphoric, mostly taking place in Japan or Seattle, but also extends to locations such as Australia, Nicaragua and India.

Zeta Iota/Georgia College and State University
The Eyeliner Manifesto
Atlanta, GA
A fashion/lifestyle blog that focuses on all of my current loves in life :)

Gamma Iota/University of Florida
Better Together
Atlanta, GA
A blog about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness (or something like that).

Zeta Nu/Clemson University
Southern. Preppy. Chic.
Hi everyone, I'm Lanie! I'm a 20 year old Junior at Clemson University in South Carolina. I am Southern born and bred and love all things classic and preppy. Some of my top favorite things include reading everything I can, shopping, exercising, traveling, dancing, spending time with loved ones and enjoying this exciting time in my life to the fullest!

Rachel Beth
Delta Gamma / University of Arizona
Love a la Mode  
I am originally from Austin, Texas, although I’m currently spending my time as a double major in Film/Television Producing and Theatre Studies with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. (Go wildcats!) Besides those two wonderful cities, I also manage to find time to sneak off to Los Angeles periodically to intern at a major television network and play around at the beach. {Oh who am I kidding? I have been known to fly there just to satisfy my Pinkberry craving. Just joking. But seriously…} I started this blog as a creative outlet for all the fashion/travel/recipe/DIY things that I was doing but didn’t really have a place to showcase. Now, I focus mainly on how to live a happy, healthy, and fashionable lifestyle on a college budget. When I’m not in class, in rehearsal, or blogging, I spend my time taking on too many responsibilities, redecorating my townhouse, crafting, going out for sushi or froyo, staying in for Netflix, and hitting the town with my sorority sisters!

Delta Upsilon/University of Tennessee at Martin
A Sweet Southern Mess 
Martin, TN
This is my blog about my sweet, simple life. As a daughter, sister, future teacher, girlfriend, and child of the Lord, I am loving the life I live and can't wait to share with y'all my days as a simple and sweet southern mess!

Delta Pi/Ripon College
She Loved Life
Full of wit, charm, and life advice, "She Loved Life" is a blog dedicated to the challenges of twenty-something life beyond college and graduate school.As I set off to be the best children's librarian I can be, I write about the books I read and the lessons I learned as a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.

Theta Theta Chapter/Quinnipiac University
Sparkle and Shine
New Jersey

Beta Alpha/Indiana Unviersity
This Radiant Life
Loveland, CO
My blog is about our adventures, and my quest to live a vibrant, radiant life!

Rho/Boston University
Girl, Caffeinated
Boston, MA

Gamma Iota/University of Florida
Two Places at Once
Austin, TX

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