Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kappa Delta

Alpha Alpha/Michigan State University
Sparkle, Baby, Sparkle
A college lifestyle blog, with a sprinkling of introspections.

Zeta Omega/The University of Memphis
A Heart Like Mine
San Diego, CA
I'm Nicole! I'm just a girl trying to get her life together in more ways that one. You could also call me a wannabe-workout-aholic who loves to cook, lay in the sun, and be pretty.

Theta Gamma Chapter
That Girl Magazine
That Girl Magazine is a college blog for the brilliant, stylish, ambitious, complicated, real girls across the country. If you have a favorite brand of nail polish, a favorite philosopher, and a favorite spot in the SciLi, That Girl Magazine might be your new favorite blog.

Sigma Mu
With Love, Logan
Washington, D.C.
A blog about a post-grad girl still crafting and cooking, but also all about graphic design and keeping up with friends. I also have a section where anyone can ask for snail-mail letter to brighten their real life mailbox instead of just bills-- I'll send them something to brighten their mailbox.

Alpha Alpha/Michigan State University
Legally Leslie
I'm Leslie- a 23 year old Northern girl, transplanted into a Southern world, and these are my ramblings on juggling life, relationships, fashion, professionalism and health, all while working towards my J.D.

Utah State University

Life, Lately 

Pi/University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Midwestern Charm

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Marysa said...

Hey ladies!
I'd love to join this network but Sigma Kappa isn't listed! Can I be the first?


Nicole said...

I'm a KD Alum from the University of Memphis (Zeta Omega)! Can i PLEASE be added to this list? I love this whole idea!!