Saturday, July 7, 2012

Delta Delta Delta

Beta Nu/Virginia Tech
Boots and Beaches
Just a twenty-something girl blog about running, daily life, St. Jude, Virginia, college football and a whole other mirage of stuff :)

Gamma Delta/Spring Hill College
Pearl Kind of Girl
Mobile, AL
an adventure of post grad life of teaching, tri delta love, and my misadventures

Theta Nu
The Fairy Princess Diaries
Seattle, WA
Documenting the Magic & Enchantment of Everyday life. Part fashion, part fitness, part lifestyle.

Beta Upsilon/UC Irvine
So There 
Orange County, CA
Life, Laughter, and Random Musings from a girl who loves to cook & craft

Phi Kappa
Sorority Girl in the Real World
Life after college, not being able to give up the pretty dresses.

Phi Omicron
Happily Ever Ashley
Newport Beach, CA
Life isn't always a fairytale but it can still be enchanting. This is the story of a 20-something, creating her own happily ever after.

Gamma Phi
Mama Love Diaries
Houston, TX

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1 comment:

Amanda Massie said...

Love that I found this! I am also a member of Delta Delta Delta at Cal State Long Beach!

Xo, Amanda